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Referral Fees

With, the more borrowers you refer, the more you earn. Referral fees will vary based upon the volume of loan requests completed by visitors from your web site:
Loan Requests in a Month Referral Fee Per Request
Under 100 $1.50
Over 100 $2.50
Over 300 $3.50

You start earning referral fees as soon as your links are up and the first loan request is completed by visitor following your link to us.

Please note that we will only pay you referral fees for fully and correctly completed loan requests.

Referral fee checks are sent out approximately 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter. All referral fees for loan requests completed during January, February and March will therefore be paid at the end of April. If your referral fees for any quarter is less than $75, the total amount will be carried to the next quarter. Once it passes $75, a check will be sent to you at the end of the quarter for the complete amount owed to you up until the end of that quarter.

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