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12-Month Treasury Average (MTA) Index
Frequently Asked Questions

About the MTA ~ Current Value ~ Historical Data ~ MTA Rate Forecast

I know the MTA is relatively new as a mortgage index, but I wanted to know if you had any data compiled that would demonstrate how an MTA loan would have performed over the last 30 years or so? I have seen the index from 1990 to present, but I am interested to see how the MTA would have fluctuated during the '70s and especially the early '80s. If you could supply me with any information you have I would be very much obliged. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Monthly values for the 12-Month Treasury Average (MTA) index starting from January of 1955 have been calculated by us to three decimal places using the H.15 Federal Reserve Statistical Release data and are available on our website.

For monthly values for the MTA starting from January of 1990, click here. They are calculated to four decimal places.

Is the MTA calculated daily or just on a monthly basis? What day of the month is it released and who is responsible for publishing this index? If it is published more frequently than monthly where would I get the historical data from Jan 1, 1998 through today? Your help is appreciated.

There are only monthly values for this index. The MTA Index is calculated by Mortgage-X monthly at or about 7:00 PM on the last business day of the month using the reported Treasury Yield Curve Rates and is usually published on our website by the first business day of the following month. For monthly values for the MTA starting from January of 1998, click here.

On what day of the month does the MTA rate change?

The old index value is in effect until the release of the new index. The new MTA rate is computed by us by the end of the last business day of each calendar month. It is announced by Mortgage-X on or near the first business day of the following month*.

* Please note that your lender may compute the MTA rate on a different date.

I would like to know if you can help me identify the actual monthly value/rates that make up the MTA index. Meaning: the historical and current index data only reflects the 12 month average. I would like to know the individual monthly rates that are being used to calculate that average. It would be wonderful to have the past 12 months individual values. Thanks so much!

MTA {Aug-2017} = (1.23+1.22+1.20+1.12+1.04+1.01+0.82+0.83+0.87+0.74+0.66+0.59) / 12 = 0.944

1.23 = The Most Recent Monthly 1-Year CMT Rate {Aug-2017}
1.22 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for July, 2017
1.20 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for June, 2017
1.12 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for May, 2017
1.04 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for April, 2017
1.01 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for March, 2017
0.82 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for February, 2017
0.83 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for January, 2017
0.87 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for December, 2016
0.74 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for November, 2016
0.66 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for October, 2016
0.59 = Monthly 1-Year CMT for September, 2016

Do-It-Yourself MTA Calculation

1. Go to a search engine
2. Search for: "Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.15" "Historical Data"
3. Download monthly values of the 1-Year CMT:
Instruments: Treasury Constant Maturities
Nominal: 1-Year
Frequency: Monthly
4. Add the 12 most recent monthly values together.
5. Divide the result by 12.
6. Round it to 3 digits.
7. Congratulations! That's all there is to it.

Disclaimer We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the 'Do-It-Yourself MTA Calculation' including, without limitation, warranties as to the results that may be obtained from your calculations or the use of the results. We shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising in connection with this Calculation or the results that may be obtained from your calculations, including without limitation, any loss of profits or business interruption.

MTA [or MAT] vs. 1-Yr CMT, 11th District COFI, CODI, 1990-2009
MTA vs. 1-Yr CMT, 11th District COFI, CODI, 1990-2009 { Obtaining Permission to Reproduce }

Historical Data: Mortgage-X compiles historical values for the indexes which are widely used on adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). Click here for a history of the MTA index.

See also: historical performance of the MTA index over the last 50 years.

Mortgage Professionals Offering MTA-indexed Loans: If you are looking for an MTA-indexed ARM and need more information or advice, we invite you to take advantage of our database of the most competitive lenders available. Just complete a short loan request form and the best lenders in your local area will contact you with their rates and fees.

Note: The MTA index is also sometimes referred to as the 12-Month Moving Average Treasury (MAT).

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