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Don't Want To Lose Home

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We have owned our home for 8 years. Our credit score is low and now I am disabled, and unable to work, I have Multiple Sclerosis. We have 2 small children, and have worked so hard for what we got. We are behind on our mortgage payments and need help, we do not want to lose our home and are doing our best to save it. Are there any programs out there to help us? if so, please contact me, we are willing to do anything to save our home.

Thank You,



Hello J.,

I am sorry to hear about your tough situation but there is still hope. We actually run across this scenario quite often. More times than not we are able to offer a band-aid loan or some type of sub-prime financing to avoid bankruptcy. The determining factor on if we can get you financing is the amount of equity in your home. Even if we are unable to get you qualified on a traditional lending program, there are plenty of private money lenders that will offer financing. The negative aspect of using a private money lender is the high interest rates and fee's.


S. M.

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