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The Consumer Debt Solutions Homegrants Program

Mortgage Library: Home Buying and Relocation: Down Payment Assistance

For more information about the Consumer Debt Solutions Homegrants Program please visit the CDSGrants website.

The Consumer Debt Solutions Homegrants Program is your source for Down Payment Assistant Grants and Gifts. First time home buyers can receive a gift of up to $10,000 for the down payment on their home.

CDSGrants are available throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. The program provides homebuyers with needed home purchasing education, and when needed, financial assistance through a private "gifting" trust fund. In specific to the latter, the CDS Grants Program provides "cash grants", rightfully called "Gifts", to people that are in need of such assistance to become homeowners.

FHA and other mortgage programs allow homebuyers to receive grants/gifts from federally registered non-profit organizations and use such monies for both down payment and closing cost requirements. Any person(s) who qualify for a mortgage (with the assistance of a grant) for a new or existing single-family home may obtain a CDS Grant. Condominiums, townhouses, modular homes, and multi-family owner occupied properties (up to four units) may all be purchased under the program as well.

CDS Grants are primarily used in conjunction with FHA purchase money mortgages. Without prejudice, CDS Grants are intended for those that truly need the program`s assistance. Applicants having liquid assets in excess of $15,000.00 ($25,000 in select areas) may be denied a CDS Grant. In general, there are no qualifications, income-debt-credit for grant/gift approvals. Consumer Debt Solutions is an educational organization, qualifying homebuyers is left to the mortgage companies... Click here to read more.

For more information about the Consumer Debt Solutions Homegrants Program please visit the CDSGrants website.

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