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Our Customers - About Our Leads

I wanted to comment on how pleased I am with your service.

I have tried other mortgage lead providers and the results with your leads are about double the response rate. Plus, your leads/borrowers are much more open to being called and more serious about doing business. 

Your very satisfied customer,

W. H.
Your leads are terrible.

Not one sale. Received no lead replacement. 
Many leads old.

A very disappointed and displeased customer,

C. T.
Your company is scam and your leads are a waist of my time. My next email is going to the Better Business Bureau.

N. R.
Mortgage-X seems to be the best value on internet leads.

I have worked other companies and did not have the success I have had with Mortgage-X. I tend to close between 1 to two deals per batch of 25.

H. G.
I have been purchasing Mortgage-X leads for about 2 years, and am always impressed at the quality and accuracy of the data.

Many Thanks.

J. P.
I do not want to spend my time talking to people that are just 'shopping'. Please discontinue my subscription to your service.

Thank you,

V. S.
By the time I got most of the leads, the borrowers were working with someone else. Three were no contact and two were just bogus. In the final analysis, not one of the leads I received produced. It's quite frustrating not to have one successful lead. I can't afford to throw away money like that.

P. O.
Just a note to let you know the number of leads you have been sending me have made August a great success for me. Can you keep them coming at this rate?

Thanks again.

G. L.
Just a note to thank you for years of great leads at an affordable price. My business has done very well with the leads you have supplied me.

Thank you very much,

S. D.
Looking back over the our closed loans from the last year, we didn't close any leads from the program, and felt we could use the resources better elsewhere.

E. N.
We have been using it for 3 months and have yet to even take one application.

D. R.
I must say that I am very happy with your service and will continue to count on your leads as a source of my income.

J. P.
Other lead sources are reselling leads over and over and over, Mortgage-X (although not exclusive) are good leads, nobody ever said they filled out the information 3 mos. ago!

S. I.
Even though your service is very reasonable and obtaining just one qualified referral would have more than paid for the service, we have not had that to date.

D. J.
I've been getting an enormous amount of fictitious leads...

A. B.
I have been fairly impressed with your service thus far...

J. S.

Thank you for being so fast. I appreciate it! Great customer service. I'm impressed.

B. D.
I like your leads, but your customer service is terrible. This is very frustrating.

G. R.

?? '... Does anyone in here use them? ... Have you had any success with them? ...'

Mortgage Grapevine,
Broker Universe
  '...Mortgage-X used to be halfway decent (haven't used in 5+ years) ... would close about 5% of them ... it was a great/inexpensive way to get newbies used to rejection...'

Mortgage Grapevine,
Broker Universe
'...I have used them for about 2 years now. Cheap but you also get a lot of smart shoppers so you have to give your best deal from the getgo. I just got one this morning. First thing out of their mouth was I want a GFE sent to me...'

Mortgage Grapevine,
Broker Universe
'...Used them on and off, typical web-shopper results. 1-3% pull-through. Even at a buck or so per lead the churning is cost/time prohibitive. Better option: generate your own web-leads...'

Mortgage Grapevine,
Broker Universe
'...We use them and have had phenomenal success. It's almost too good to be true. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, but so far it hasn't. Minimum cost, great results...'

Mortgage Grapevine,
Broker Universe

Out of the 20 leads I have just received, I have 4 of them in processing and still a couple of maybes. I have not gotten any responses such as not filling out a form, or anything negative. Since I do usually attempt contact within 24 to 48 hours, I find that most of them are open and want to hear what I have to say.

Thanks for staying true to providing real leads. I won't even purchase leads from any other company, so keep them coming!


S. L.
Your leads are good leads, which is probably why not a lot come through too often. Some of these other companies advertise on sites with 6 other lead companies and if someone clicks on more than one pop up ad, instead of 5 people getting the lead, 20 people might get it.

I would like to always get leads from you guys because Ive made a lot more money than its cost me. That's for sure.

Thanks a lot,

W. B.
I received my first 15 leads and wanted to give you some feedback on the quality. They are still as good as years ago.

Some loan officers look at loan to value or other parameters to grade quality but I consider the highest quality lead to be the one that is a genuine inquiry. This is why I consider Mortgage-X to provide the highest quality leads one can ask for at a great price.

 Most of the leads have excellent credit and plenty of equity so there is no reason to add parameters with other lead providers that just drive up the cost of the lead. I am very impressed that you have stayed true to generating inquiries from your site and have not cut corners as so many other providers have to generate leads.

M. R.

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