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Home Buying and Relocation

Home Buying

Home Buyer's Guide The Home Buyer's Guide is prepared to educate homebuyers about the various steps which are involved in the entire home buying process. It describes 15 steps that most homebuyers have to go through in some form or another and contains a wealth of relevant information.

1. Choice of Location
2. The Features You Would Want to Have in Your Home
3. Mortgage Pre-qualification
4. Searching For a House
5. Analysis of the Homes You Visit
6. Determining the Amount to Offer
7. Making an Offer to Purchase
8. Negotiation Process and Purchase Agreement
9. Shopping For a Mortgage
10. Shopping For Insurance
11. Loan Application
12. Loan Approval
13. Final Inspection of the Property
14. Closing
15. Moving

Down Payment Assistance - The Consumer Debt Solutions Homegrants Program is your source for Down Payment Assistant Grants and Gifts. First time home buyers can receive a gift of up to $10,000 for the down payment on their home.

Government Foreclosures and Repossessed Properties For Sale - Foreclosed and repossessed homes from HUD, VA, FDIC, GSA, IRS, SBA, Cal-Vet, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,... Forelosure procedures and other useful information that could help you make more informed real estate investment decisions.

How to Buy a Home Below Market Value?
Building or Buying a New Home
Buying a Lot
Rent or Buy? The pros and cons.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes - Purchasing and Financing
How to Buy a Manufactured Home - A Consumer's Guide to Today's Manufactured Home Buying a manufactured home, placement of your home, site preparation, transportation, installation, and inspection.

Home Inspection

Environmental Hazards: Lead, Radon, Asbestos
A Consumer Home Inspection Kit

Relocation Resources

Cities guides:

Click City Online Nationwide Chamber of Commerce Guide. Enter in just about any town in any state and find the local Chamber of Commerce site, where you can view documents such as population, cost of living, employment, schools, cultural life, neighborhoods, housing values, weather and more. You can also order Newcomer Packages with all this information.
County and City Data Book Data on places, cities, counties, and states.
Best Places Data Files 1,000 City Profiles. Choose any two cities and see them displayed side-by-side.
The World Book Encyclopedia General statistics, economy, land and climate.

Most counties and cities now have a web-site or home page. The following links help you find them.

USA CityLink's Search for a City
Counties and Cities homepages.

Useful Relocation Info:

The Neighborhood Demographic Report Demographic information for an immediate neighborhood and the county in which it lies - total population, number of households, average household size, per capita income, median household income, education levels, marital status, types of families, employment information, shopping centers within the area, and more.
The Local Crime Report Find out how safe the neighborhood is by viewing federal crime stats for the district surrounding your subject property.
Search For Schools, Colleges and Libraries - National Center for Education Statistics.
School Reports

Environmental Protection Agency Air pollution, water quality and releases of toxic chemicals from manufacturing facilities into the environment for any given location in the United States.

More Relocation Resources

Section 1031 Exchange

Under Section 1031, owners or real estate held for investment or for use in a trade or business can exchange their property tax-free for "like-kind" real estate.

Sec. 1031. Exchange of property held for productive use or investment. Statute.

Exchange Your Real Estate: Why Pay Taxes? by Ken Harney.

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