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Finding the best mortgage involves contacting a multitude of lenders. Let us do the work for you. Complete the short Loan Request Form below and make the most outstanding mortgage professionals in the United States compete against each other to satisfy your mortgage needs. Our service is free and designed to benefit you, saving your valuable time and money. We do not broker loans and we get no commissions on your mortgage applications.
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Loan Request Form

By completing this form you are not authorizing lenders to pull your credit report or charge you any application fees. No credit check can or will be run by the mortgage companies who receive your loan request.
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Loan Purpose:
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Privacy Statement
* We only collect the information necessary to assess your financial situation and quote you personalized loan rates.

* We do not request any personal information such as date of birth, social security number or drivers license number.

* The information you provide in this form will not be disclosed to anyone other than mortgage lenders in your area and will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any person or entity without your prior authorization.

How It Works
We have the largest mortgage lender database which is comprised of many hundreds of mortgage bankers and brokers from across the nation. Using our database and the information provided by you in the Loan Request Form, we will find the most competitive mortgage companies serving your area and automatically submit your information directly to them for free. These lenders will then contact you with their current mortgage rates and fees. The Loan Request Form provides loan officers with the basic information they need to assess your financial situation and quote you more individualized loan rates. Then you can easily compare loan features and costs and choose which lender you want to perform your loan. It's easy -- all you need to do is complete the short Loan Request Form. Because all the work is performed automatically, you can expect the first lenders to contact you within 15 or 30 minutes.


Purchase Price / Estimated Value

Please enter the contract price of the property if this is a purchase transaction, current home's estimated value if refinance, or the "as completed" value of the property if this is a construction loan.


Select how your property will be occupied.
Investment Property is a property that is not occupied by the owner and in most cases produces income or is held for gains from appreciation.
Second home, or vacation home, is different from an investment property as it is not rented, but used occasionally by the owners. If you rent out your vacation home for any period of time at all, it's investment property.

Loan Amount

Please enter the amount you want to borrow. If you need help in estimating how much you can borrow, click here

Loan Type

Select the loan type you desire.
Conventional loan is any mortgage loan other than an FHA, VA or an RHS loan.
FHA loan is a loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Most of the FHA programs are designed for first time home buyers and low to moderate income borrowers. FHA loans have lower down payment requirements and are easier to qualify than conventional loans. FHA loans cannot exceed the statutory limit.
VA loan is a home loan guaranteed by the U.S. Veterans Administration. VA-guaranteed loan is available to eligible veterans and unmarried surviving spouses who can show entitlement through a Certificate of Eligibility. Eligible veterans may be able to purchase a home with no down payment and no cash reserve. The VA establishes the maximum loan amounts and eligibility requirements.

Loan Purpose

Please select the purpose for which you are requesting a loan.

Purchase/Rehab is a mortgage loan that combines home purchase and rehabilitation in one loan. It allows you to improve or repair your home at low first mortgage interest rates.
Refinance/Remodel is a mortgage loan to refinance and modernize your home. It allows you to make home improvements, renovate your home, or remodel a home that has been damaged by fire, flood, or earthquake at low first mortgage interest rates.
Rate/Term Refinance, or "No Cash" Refinance is when you only get enough money to pay off your existing loan plus closing costs and no more than that (you may also include the second mortgage if it is more than a year old). For example, if you refinance a property only to change the term of the loan, remove the mortgage insurance, or reduce the rate.
"Cash-Out" Refinance is when the amount of money received from the new loan exceeds the total of the outstanding liens on the property, including first mortgage, second mortgage, lines of credit, closing costs and prepaid expenses. It's called "Cash-Out" because the borrower receives additional cash that can be used for any purpose.
Second Mortgage -- an additional mortgage placed on a property -- can be used for a variety of reasons: debt consolidation, home improvements, the purchase of an automobile, educational purposes, and so on.

Total Gross Monthly Income

Please enter the total monthly income for all persons applying with you.

You can count as income not only your steady employment but also:

  • Overtime bonus and commissions (average for one - two years);
  • Net income from self employment;
  • Social security, veteran's benefits and retirement;
  • Alimony, child support and income from public assistance programs;
  • Workmans's compensation or permanent disability payments;
  • Interest and dividend income;
  • Rental income after deducting expenses and debt payments;
  • Income from trusts, partnerships, professional corporations and so on.

The income can be derived from several sources, but it must be supported by documentation and have a high likelihood of continuation.

For your convenience, we have provided a worksheet to help you in determining your qualifying income.

Total Monthly Debt

Your regular monthly debts and obligations may include monthly payments on:

  • Other real estate loans;
  • Installment loans (bank loans, auto loans, tuition loans, etc);
  • Revolving accounts;
  • Child support and alimony paid to a former spouse.

Include only debt obligations that won't be paid off within the next 10 months. Do not include current rent or other housing expenses, such as utilities, telephone, insurance, etc. Also do not include payments on rental real estate loans that have been deducted from rental income.

For your convenience, we have provided a worksheet to help you determine your monthly debt.

Income Documentation

Can you document your income?
Once you apply, a lender provides you with a detailed list of documentation required to approve your loan. With Easy / No Doc loans little or no documentation is provided to substantiate the borrower's income. These loans are mostly for self-employed borrowers, and are a solution for many borrowers who have income from sources that are hard to verify.

Credit Grade

A borrower will typically fall into one of five categories: A, A-, B, C, or D. Several factors contribute to the credit grade such as past payment history, your credit score, debt ratio and amount of downpayment. The more serious the credit problems, the further the grade decreases.
We have compiled a guide to help you estimate your credit grade -- Credit Grade Guide

First / Second Mortgage Balances

If this is a refinance transaction, second or third mortgage loan please enter your current balance on first and/or second mortgages, if applicable. Your lender can provide an up-to-date report on the amount you owe on your home loan.

Mortgage professionals are welcome to participate!
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