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Linking to Our Web Site

We encourage you to offer a wide variety of powerful tools and calculators and over 150 articles covering all aspects of the mortgage lending field to your clients. You may link to any or all of them.

You may link to our Home Page, our Menu of Calculators, our Mortgage Indexes Section, or any of our web pages directly.

How to Link:

Add the following code to link to Mortgage (ARM) Indexes:

<a href="">Mortgage (ARM) Indexes</a>

To link to any specific web page: go to that page, highlight the URL in the address bar, substitute this address for the "href" reference above, change the wording accordingly.

For example:

Add the following code to link to our Calculators:

<a href="">Mortgage Calculators</a>

Link to our Interest Rate Trends with Historical Graphs For Mortgage Rates:

<a href="">Interest Rate Trends</a><br>Historical Graphs For Mortgage Rates

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