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Through an association with, you will add value to your own site by providing your visitors with the opportunity to find the best mortgage in all 50 states (it's free), and you will be earning up to $3.50 for each loan request filled by your visitors following your link to our site.

It's easy! Just put links to on your web site. When your visitors follow those links and complete the Loan Request form on our site, we note that user was referred by your site and we pay you a referral fee. Every three months, we send you a check for the referral fees you earned in the previous three months. It's that simple!

How it Works

You set up as many links as you'd like to, in the way that works best for your site. After following a link, your visitors will see the "Find The Best Mortgage" page, where they may choose to complete the Loan Request form immediately, or they can browse our site and then fill out the form, or they can return to your site and complete the Loan Request form some time later. In any case you earn referral fees for their completed loan requests.

Our automated system uses cookies to track where users originally came from, so they can follow the link from your site but fill out the loan request weeks later, and you will still be credited for the referral fee!

You will be able to view real-time statistics of your referral activity at any time via our site so that you can track the effectiveness of your efforts. These statistics will tell you the number of visitors following your links to us and also the number of completed loan requests.

In addition every month, we send our Affiliates a detailed activity report via e-mail showing the referral fees your site has earned during this month.

Check out the benefits of participating in our Program!

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Mortgage professionals are welcome to participate!
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