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Web Site Link Activation Policy


Web site links are provided only for mortgage companies duly licensed or authorized to make loans in each state they are currently listed in.

Link Activation

Once you have added your listing to the Directory, your web site is subject to review by Mortgage-X to determine if it meets our criteria for placing a link to your site. We will activate your link as soon as your web site is reviewed and your web site content is approved.

Directory Listing Guidelines

  • Company Name
    Your listing in the Directory must accurately reflect your company name. If your actual company name is too long, you may use a shortened version for your listing, however, your actual company name must be clearly displayed on your web site. Capitalization of the first letter of each word is permitted, capitalization of an entire word is not permitted.
  • Unacceptable Phrases
    The company name field must not contain call-to-action phrases, such as 'Pre-Qualify Online', comparative phrases such as 'Best' or 'Cheapest', or any additional phrases, such as 'Hard Money Experts', 'Your Mortgage Solution', 'Pennsylvania Mortgage Rates'.
  • Web Site Content
    You should have a useful, information-rich web site, that clearly and accurately describes your loan products. Your web site should not contain links to web spammers, participate in link schemes, designed to increase your web site's search engine ranking, generate traffic for mortgage lead providers, or produce mortgage leads for another mortgage company.

Retaining the Link

Your link will remain active provided that your URL links to an actual working web site. The web site cannot be under construction (or down for maintenance) and should not generate pop-ups when users enter or leave it.

Please note:

  • Adding a listing does not guarantee that your web site will be reviewed.
  • We reserve the right to de-activate your link without notice at any time, with or without cause.

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