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Mortgage Lead Generation Program For Lenders: Lead Generation Program: Pricing

Lead Generation Fees

We will charge you $6.00 for each lead delivered to you by e-mail. If you prefer the leads to be sent to you by fax there will be an additional $0.20 per lead charge.

The leads are ordered and paid in advance. You will choose how many leads you'd like to buy initially when completing the online application form.

Your Account

Once payment from you is received, we will open an account for you. Lead generation fees will be deducted from that account. We will maintain a real-time balance of the amount left in your account.

You will be notified by e-mail when your account reaches a credit balance of $60.00, and you'll have the opportunity to renew your order at any time via our web site. If your account falls to $0.00 we will send you another e-mail notice and put a hold on the leads to you until payment is received.

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