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Mortgage Lead Generation Program For Lenders: Lead Generation Program: How The Program Works

How The Program Works

A prospective borrower looking for a mortgage loan comes to our web site and fills out the Loan Request form on our site, permitting lenders to contact them. The Loan Request is provided as an alternative to locating lenders in our Mortgage Lender Directory and to searching Current Mortgage Rates on our site and contacting the lenders directly.

When the borrower submits a completed Loan Request, it becomes a lead. The lead is then automatically screened for completeness and the obviously bogus and duplicate leads are filtered out.

If the information provided by the prospect matches all your lead requirements, the complete Loan Request is routed to you immediately and automatically through e-mail or fax. Each Loan Request is sent to no more than 5 mortgage companies, and that minimizes competition. 

You contact the borrower directly by phone or by e-mail with your current rates and fees.

That's all there is to it. Simple, secure, automatic.

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